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Best Hand Puppets In 2021

Hand puppets are toys that can provide fun and interactive play for children of all ages. These simple toys can stimulate a lot of imagination in young minds. They make storytelling lively, fun, and are a good way to create bonding between children and adults. They require no batteries and are made of soft and fluffy materials like plush and cotton. Hand puppets come in various models, characters, and purposes for different age groups.

Melissa & Doug Safari Buddies Hand Puppets

The perfect set of animals can make your home a safari to create many stories while building a bond between you and your child. This set includes parrot, zebra, elephant, monkey, giraffe, and tiger. They are made from a soft plush material that is touch-friendly and washable for easy care and maintenance. These hand puppets are glove-style puppets that can fit children and most adults. The cuddly hand puppets are recommended for children aged two and above.

Tools for Learning

Experts say the best toys are those that encourage interaction. Our toys are designed to inspire engagement and connection with your child. Many even include enrichment ideas right on the packaging. Because kids who can imagine the possibilities become grown-ups who can make their dreams a reality!

Choosing the Best Toys

The American Academy of Pediatrics is serious about play, even urging doctors to prescribe it! Their advice: Limit screen time, make time for unstructured play, and choose toys that inspire imagination.


Animal Friends Deluxe Kids Hand Puppets with Working

If you are looking for a set of animal hand puppets with workable mouths, you may check this. It comprises six animals, including lion, giraffe, raccoon, bear, elephant, and monkey, perfect for storytelling, puppet show, or imaginative play. They are made of soft polyester material and are easy to handle. All the animals have movable mouths except the elephant and are recommended for ages three and above.

  • 6 Animal hand puppets for kids– elephant, giraffe, lion, bear, raccoon and monkey.
  • Giraffe, lion, bear, raccoon and monkey hand puppets have working mouth.
  • Great for encouraging imaginative play, puppet show, puppet stage, creative for classroom or church setting, motor skills, hand-eye coordination, communication skills, self-confidence, and social-emotional connections.
  • 9 inch height 8 inch wide. Fit all age kids.
  • Super soft, super fun. Meet USA toy standard.

GUND Sesame Street Cookie Monster Hand Puppet

Gund cookie monster hand puppet is made of soft and huggable material suitable for imaginative play or a puppet show. This cookie monster puppet has a workable mouth that is fun to work with different expressions. It is a glove-style puppet that can easily fit the hands of kids and most adults. The surface of the puppet is machine washable. The toy is 11inch-high and is recommended for ages one and above.

Product Description

GUND has teamed up with Sesame Street to make playtime a more huggable experience! Everybody loves Cookie Monster, and now you can bring home your very own plush hand puppet shaped like the beloved character. Features a soft plush Cookie Monster head, as well as puppet arms sized just right for little hands — making this product the perfect gift to encourage imaginative play. Accurate details are sure to please Sesame Street enthusiasts of all ages. Surface-washable.

From the Manufacturer

Cookie Monster Hand Puppet: Bring Cookie Monster to life yourself, Cuddly soft puppet plush, 11″ tall, Great for aspiring puppeteers.

Cate & Levi - Zoo Collection Hand Puppets

Cate and Levi zoo collection has three hand puppets – giraffe, monkey, and elephant. Each hand puppet has a colorful fabric and fun design that attracts your little one. These glove-style hand puppets are helpful for interactive plays, storytelling, puppet shows, role play, and more. They are made of 100% USA polar fleece, derived from recycled plastic water bottles. These eco-friendly hand puppets are available in different combinations. Also, these hand puppets are machine-washable.

Product description

The fondest memories of any childhood are the shared ones with loved ones. Tell amazing stories with Cate & levi’s zoo friends hand puppets (set of three that includes an elephant, giraffe and a monkey puppet) for nap time or even bedtime! our hand puppets encourages your children to use their imagination starting from a young age. Cate and Levi Softy collection line is not one of a kind. The product colors you see in our Softy hand puppet photos are the colors you will receive. This endearing hand puppet will become a fast favorite for your child. Together they can play, learn, tell stories and have fun. With a puppet, kids can stage fascinating puppet shows. 

About this item

  • Handcrafted from 100% USA Polar fleece, this fabric is composed mostly of recycled plastic water bottles that are made into a soft fleece
  • Size: 12 inch height (30.5 cm). machine Wash warm, dry low
  • Great extension of any good storytelling. Children are mesmerized with the movement and interaction of a puppet. Sized to fit adults and children
  • Hand puppets are excellent for motor skills, hand-eye coordination, communication skills, and self-confidence

Things To Consider Before Buying A Hand Puppet

Here are a few things to consider before choosing the best hand puppet.

  1. Age: If you are looking for a hand puppet to interact with younger babies and toddlers, pick something with no small parts to prevent choking hazards. Check the manufacturer’s age recommendation for a perfect buy.
  1. Quality of material: As you wear these puppets on your hands, choose a soft material that doesn’t irritate your and your child’s sensitive skin.
  1. Style: Hand puppets are made in varying styles to suit different age groups.
  • Finger puppets look tiny and are significant for young children to control with their little fingers.
  • Glove-style hand puppets are suitable for children and adults to play and interact.
  • Bath puppets are great for bath time. These are made of rubber material, unlike others.
  1. Purpose: Choose the hand puppets based on your purpose. They are fun to interact with kids and help develop speech, imagination, creativity, and hand-eye coordination. For a storytelling session, choose the characters based on your child’s interest.
  1. Easy to maintain: Choose washable hand puppets as they are easy to maintain and care.

Hand puppets are a fun way to play while offering your child an imaginative world to interact and develop in different ways. We hope this buying guide helps you choose the best hand puppet for you or your little one.